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Water Breathing Brother - Wax Melt

Water Breathing Brother - Wax Melt

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Inspired by Tanjiro Kamado from Demon Slayer.

Notes: watermelon, cucumber, rose, jasmine
Size: 2.5oz (70g)
Use: Melt 1 - 2 cubes in any wax warmer
Wax: Natural Vegan Soy
Artist: Meoofsteak

"The bond between Nezuko and me... cannot be... severed by anyone!"

Each of our wax melts are made out of all natural vegan soy wax. We take the time and effort to craft each product in our hometown of Irvine, California. The use of all natural soy wax makes for longer lasting wax melts that emits a stronger fragrance and has a cleaner burn.

Disclaimer: All of our products are handmade and not factory manufactured. With that in mind, please be aware that there may be variations in color, scent, and appearance between each product.
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