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Outlet Wax Warmer

Outlet Wax Warmer

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"No-Scrape" Wax Melt Removal Dish
On/Off Switch
Rotatable Base for Horizontal or Vertical Plugs
Warm Soft Glow for Ambient Lighting
Built-In Ceramic Heater
Compatible With All Wax Melts
Not compatible with outlets outside of the US.
Perfect for small rooms

Size: 6.1 x 4 x 3.8 inches
Use: 1 cube

Suggested Use
Place one of our scented wax melt cubes into the silicone cup. Plug in the warmer and use the switch to turn it on. The built-in ceramic heater will melt the cubes and you will be able to enjoy the amazing scents as it fills the room.

In order to clean, turn off the wax warmer, and let the remaining wax completely cool until hardened. Remove the silicone dish and "pop" out your used wax melt into a waste bin. 

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